Roopal H. Patel


Business financial management

Partnering with business leaders to support the strategic and operational management of their companies and capital.​

Lilu Financials, LLC. provides strategic financial & operational consulting services to businesses both public and private resulting in reliable financials which can be communicated to key stakeholders. 

Financial strategy and financial operations consulting services:

  • Mergers and/or acquisitions support as the target or acquirer
  • Preparing for the IPO
  • Preparing for fundraising
    • Financial modeling, pro-forma projections and capital needs assessment
    • Valuation for internal management planning purposes  
  • Financial operations review and alignment
    • Financial reporting and recording using GAAP or IFRS principles
    • Assessment, design and implementation of financial controls
    • Cash flow forecasting
  • Presentation and communications with investors, boards of directors, compliance agencies and other key stakeholders
    • ​Financial statement audit support
    • Tax filing process support including support for IRS audit